Taste life, but most of all,
get it from Alakapı

People change everything they touch. From the moment he started his journey and stepped in through the door of life, begins searching all the far corners.

Sometimes you take your little steps, sometimes you are in a endless running. You discover, you carry every footprint, adventures you have left behind. Every person who enters your life takes as much, maybe more than what it gives you. You continue this exchange to find yourself. You can fall, you can break. What if there is no happiness behind every door that opens? First, you keep patient. When life hits, you expect those beliefs to flourish once again, leaning those doors on your face, leaning on your back. But what if your heart's doors want to close? So who knows where do you keep your keys? If you come across these walls, you think its freedom escape, and pull the doors out. But remember, excess freedom is loneliness. Partly cloudy loneliness is peace, and downpour rain loneliness is sadness. Without letting other winds bring the doors you left broken broken, you reconstruct every wall with care, you can wrap it in pain and mix it into memories and take a better step. You do not want to be alone in this quest, you would look for a companion. You timidly look through the doorways. Who said the search has ended? Maybe you will find what you are looking for in a series of lights that you will encounter. The ones you forgot or the ones you never had… Every incoming hope makes you a little brighter, and every blow only shapes a little more. You missed the beauty of the road you went as you walked door to door. If possible, after that, you can smell all the flowers, walk around in the rain, take beautiful walks under the moonlight. You know, you arrive when you knock on that last door you have been looking for. When you find the person holding the key of your soul, you are now complete and you make that door to the house.

These little coincidences, little happiness make you believe in something. Believe in anything…To life, or maybe to God, maybe love, maybe happiness, maybe beauty. Peace of mind, peace of mind in every reason that comes before you to step. Thats how you understand that you are breathing, not when you continue to live with ordinariness, but by letting the changes affect you, accepting life, and taking a taste from every path you take. Enjoying every door you open or close, hit your face, pull out, leave behind, say goodbye, leave a gap. And if you happen to pass Alaçatı, the seasons come and go, but this would be your sky, you would make every moment you breathe valuable. You taste, a breath from the sea, a sip of raki…Taste life, but most of all, get it from Alakapı.

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